5 Types Of Digital Marketing You Should Know About

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Digital marketing has become increasingly popular and has taken the world by storm in the past decade. Nearly 72% of marketers describe digital marketing to be the most effective marketing tactic. It allows businesses to expand their reach and market directly to their target audience from the 4.66 billion internet users across the world.

But what is digital marketing? In simple words, any marketing activity done online is called digital marketing.  Multiple strategies can be run on various digital platforms to effectively target a large audience. 

This article will explain various types of digital marketing trends that are changing the dynamics of businesses globally.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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SEO helps increase your rank in Google search results and boost traffic on your business’s website. 

The right words and phrases in your content can help attract potential buyers while they’re researching online. From adding keywords to your content to linking your web page to other websites, all these tactics are a part of search engine optimization.

However, understanding the Google algorithm and getting the right keywords is what makes SEO a challenging task. You must ensure that the content on your site is clear and readable by adding alt-text and text transcripts for images and videos. Format your links, sitemaps, and URLs properly to make them accessible to site crawlers. Avoid stuffing your content with keywords and ensure they fit in organically.   

Pay Per Click (PPC)

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Have you ever noticed ads popping up on the side while you’re browsing the web or watching a YouTube video? This is part of a pay-per-click campaign.

In a typical PPC model, you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it and lands on your website. It is highly effective in increasing search traffic on your business online, thus making it popular among companies who’re willing to spend thousands each month for effective marketing. Google Adwords is one of the most common pay-per-click campaigns. 

The cost to promote via this strategy depends on the number of people willing to pay for a specific keyword. If the competition is lower for keywords, it’ll probably cost you less. You should also decide if you want your ad to be visible to users across the globe or only the locals, as this also affects your campaign’s costs.

Social Media Marketing

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With 53.6% of the world’s population using social media, social networks have transformed conventional marketing for businesses. Everything that a business does to promote their business on different social media platforms is included in social media marketing. It’s much more than creating posts and responding to the comments. It requires a unique blend of creative thinking, objective, and a data-driven strategy.

With modern-day social media marketing, you have multiple online tools to automate social media posts. It’s significant for social media marketers to coordinate with the extensive marketing team of the company to ensure the brand message and meaning reach all online and offline platforms. 

They must also be savvy at analyzing the performance of their posts and strategizing accordingly. They must consistently track their campaigns by keeping a close watch on how many visitors have been successfully converted into consumers.

Content Marketing

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The goal of content marketing is to get the desired response from customers; they can sign up for the email list, request more information, or ultimately purchase your item.

It’s a great avenue for people who enjoy writing but also requires some significant analytical and strategic skills. It should not be too salesy but rather provide value to the consumers. This’ll help strengthen the relationship with your customers and retain them for long, making them your loyal customers who purchase regularly.

However, this form of marketing works best in collaboration with the other types of digital marketing. For example, it incorporates SEO search terms to make your content appear more frequently on the search tab.

It’s a long-term strategy where marketers build up their library of content overtime to attract more users to your website via various search engines. 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing as it’ll help them promote their brand and make it a valuable source of needful information. They will ideally remember the website as a credible one to purchase in the future.

Email Marketing

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Despite mobile applications, social media, and other channels taking the marketing world by storm, email is still one of the most effective marketing techniques. Email marketers make compelling campaigns by targeting the right audience, analyzing the data, and making strategic decisions accordingly.

Email marketing software offers various analytical measures to help make the campaign even more effective; two of marketers’ favorites are the open and click-through rates.

Open rate is the percentage of people who opened the mail and viewed it, whereas click-through rate is the number of those who opened the mail and clicked on the link given.

To make your emails more clickable and likely to be opened by your recipients, you can create a sense of urgency. For example, inform your recipients of a deal or offer that’s about to end. This’ll help increase the traffic on your website. 

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