6 WordPress Tips For Startup Businesses

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Having a functional website is important for business success in 2022 because it acts like a front door, which is essential for people to visit you. However, hiring web developers can be expensive during the early days. Therefore, you should use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress and learn how to build and manage a website yourself. WordPress lets you integrate your website with thousands of third-party plugins, which play a different role on the front face of your website. To help you out with WordPress, we’ve gathered the following tips. 

Use a Highly Customizable Theme

First impressions are made by the look and feel of your website, which will depend on the theme you’ve chosen to use. There are countless free themes available on WordPress, but we suggest buying a premium subscription to your chosen theme because you’ll have access to more tools. If you simply choose the first theme you come across, you may find slow response times or that it won’t adapt to other devices including mobile and tablets. 

Build for Mobile First

You will likely be building your website on a quality Budget Business Laptop, but you need to prioritize your site for mobile browsers. Fortunately, whether you’re using the in-built WordPress block editor, Elementor, or Gutenberg, page builders, you will be able to change the screen size to suit your needs. The reason to focus on mobile optimization is that Google’s algorithm is now more favorable for mobile browsing. 

Master SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website “Google friendly”. There are many ways you can do this including researching keywords and answering search intent within your content. If you wish to find out more about SEO tactics, read this article

Use Plugins and Read Tutorials

WordPress is extremely boring to start with. Therefore, you need plugins to create a captivating website. However, there can sometimes be steep learning curves for each plugin; if you get one setting wrong it will change the outcome on the front end. 

Track Analytics

Once you’ve finished your website, you will need to see if it’s performing well. Therefore, you should keep track of analytics by installing the Google console plugin. This will tell you how many clicks your links receive and so much more. Understanding where customers linger on your website will help you to improve the content in the future. 

Security and Data Backups

As with anything online, your WordPress website can be attacked by cybercriminals. Therefore, it’s important to secure your database and perform regular backups. Fortunately, through the WordPress dashboard, you can schedule automatic backups for your site. Also, when it comes to security, you can install login limiters, which will block IP addresses after several failed login attempts. Further, to prevent spam, you can use Akismet, which is everyone’s go-to and highly recommended by WordPress. 


Building your website will take time, but it’ll save your startup business money. Thanks to WordPress and the countless external plugins, you won’t need to know a single line of code; the tips above will help you get the most out of WordPress.

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