Benefits of Data Encryption


Data breaches have become very common and this has become one of the major problems that every business is facing. Data breaches result in the loss of valuable data that no business can ever afford to do so. The hackers can make use of the business’s valuable data for their selfish motives or could be used by them to blackmail the business. This seriously affects business productivity. Also, data breaches seriously affect the business reputation in the market as customer trust in the business starts to fade away. Thus only one instance of a data breach is enough for businesses to suffer big consequences. To avoid such a situation every business is looking for the right measure that will keep their valuable and private data safe and secure from hackers. The most common and popular way of achieving this is through the use of data encryption.

Data encryption is not something new but its significance has increased many times in the recent past. Data encryption protects the business data by translating it into the form of codes or other forms and only individuals with the key can access the valuable information by converting back it into its original form. Encrypted data thereby makes it difficult for the hackers to get access the data and thereby providing maximum protection to business data. Data encryption provides various benefits to the business. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • Readily Available: Data encryption is readily available and many of the devices that we use already have in-built data encryption technology. Thus this technology is cheap to implement without compromising on the quality of safety and security of business data. Data encryption can also be implemented across different devices thus providing a one-stop security solution for every business device effectively and efficiently.
  • Protection to Remote Workers: The chances of data breaches are high when workers are working remotely as the worker store various valuable and confidential data on different devices of which the business has no control over how this data is stored and shared. Data breaches thereby become easier in such situations and thus to prevent this today many businesses are asking their remote employees to use only encrypted devices. Besides this, the remote workers must also use VPN to safeguard against various cyber-crimes.
  • Customer Trust: Strong customer trust is the backbone of any business. The customer provides the business their confidential information and if the business takes no preventive measure in safeguarding this data the business reputation in the market will be highly affected. To avoid anything like this to happen the business needs to implement the right and effective data encryption solutions.
  • Regulation Requirements: There exist regulations that make the encryption of data essential and any negligence can cause the business to incur penalties.

Hence these are the major benefits of data encryption for any business. Besides providing all these benefits, data encryption also enhances the data integrity of the business. Thus data encryption is no more an option rather an essential preventive measure that will safeguard and protect the business data from cyber-attacks.