Essential Things to Do After Purchasing Android Phones 


The following steps are quick and easy, but they will help you in the future to fully enjoy your newly bought smartphone.

Link your phone to a Google account

After buying your new LG stylo 5 phone, for instance, Unlocl Lg Stylo 5 and link your device to your Google account. You can skip this action if you want, and return to it later. To do this, open the phone settings>Click on the “Accounts” tab, or “Users and Accounts” (may have different names on different devices)> At the bottom of the screen, click on “Add Account” on Google> enter your data. To install applications from Google Play, you can view email and synch your device with others, a Google account is a must-have for this.

System Update

Even if it’s a newly purchased phone, you still need to check for updates. It’s possible the device stayed on the counter for a while; thus, you might need updates. For phones with clean firmware, go to the settings and then to system> additional functions> system update. Some devices may not have “additional functions”, thus you should click on “About the system”. Next, you’ll see a menu with the system’s status. You’ll see an update if it is available.

Enable the Device Search Option

In the event you lose your device, retrieving it may not easy. This is why the “Device Search” function is in-built in the smartphone. To activate this function, go to the settings and to the Google section then to Device Security select “Find device” and ensure that the function works; Visit and view the map. There are other options; however, this feature is essential as a free built-in assistant.

These steps are essential to ensure you get the best out of your device. Even if you purchased a new iPhone and unlock iPhone XR, there are steps to follow also.