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Shenzhen E-linkchina Technology Co.,Ltd established in 2006, is a specialized manufacturer of power supplies for LED lighting and LED luminaries. The company has passed CE,EMC,RoHS and UL certification.

They have the advanced machines with automatic assembly line to ensure the quality, the products are verified by CE,EMC,RoHS and UL.

Shenzhen E-linkchina Technology Co,Ltd established in 2006, is a specialized manufacturer of power supplies for LED lighting and LED luminaries.

The company has an experienced R&D team, which can design the power supply according to customer’s special requirements. They have designed many kinds of LED lighting power supplies including AC/DC LED driver, DC/AC LED driver and universal AC/DC converter with both open or enclosed case.

The products passed UL8750 test successfully and certified by CE, RoHS and CCC etc., gaining wide reputation from someof the customers at home and abroad as well as great popularity among practitioners of similar industries all over China.

In order to meet diversified needs from different countries around the world, they provide various types of products such as SMPS PSU series(like desktop type PSU), wall mount PSU series (like desktop type PSU), ATX power adapter manufacturer in china (ATX12V v1~v2), slim style modular psu series(like ATX24P v1~v2), server grade psu with 6PIN+8PIN PCI-e connectors etc.

Which are widely used in medical equipment such as medical camera, dental lights where high quality & stability is required; automation industry such as automatic door control systems, industrial communication devices etc.; communication industry like home networking systems; electronic instrumentation apparatus like logic analyzer, oscilloscope, multimeter etc.; office equipment such as photocopier machine, printer.

Products: Switching Power Supply

A switching power supply is a type of power supply that uses an electromechanical switch in the power path to convert electrical energy to a desired form. The switch is used to interrupt the flow of current in an electrical circuit, which is then restored by the action of an electromagnet.

Switching Power Supplies are often referred to as Switchers (or “switching regulators”) because they use a series of transistors that turn on and off at very high frequencies (typically tens or hundreds of kilohertz).

If you are interested in any of the products or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact them.

They are a reliable power adapter manufacturer. The products they offer are verified by CEEMC,RoHS and UL. The advanced machines with automatic assembly line ensure the quality of each product they produce. As a result, most customers can be confident that any product they purchase from them will meet or exceed their expectations.

The company is a reliable power adapter manufacturer. Chinas manufacturer are a reliable power adapter manufacturer. The company has been in the power adapter industry for many years and they have a wide range of products. They are well-known in this industry because they have a good reputation. In addition, they are a professional power adapter manufacturer that provides high quality products to meet your requirements.