Free SEO Tools – How They Can Help – Part 2


In the previous article (Part 1), I shared with you the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and introduced you to some of the free SEO tools in the market. In this article, I will like to introduce you to some more free SEO tools.

Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit

Microsoft has arrived with one of the most useful SEO tools – the IIS (Internet Information Server) SEO toolkit. This toolkit is only installed on IIS 7 web server. However, you can also use it to analyze any remote site not running on IIS 7. The toolkit offers you interesting utility features such as, site analysis, Robots exclusion, site indexes, and sitemaps. From all these analytics, you can derive useful information about how to make your site more and more search engine-friendly.

Sitemap Generator AuditMyPC

To improve the search positioning of your website, your site needs to be familiar with the intricacies of leading search engines such as Google. One way to catch the attention of a search engine is to create a site map and offer it for the search engine’s inspection. Though there are many tools that create site map, AuditMyPC is probably one of the best products available in this category. This is an online tool that runs on a Java-enabled browser.

SEO Toolbar

Firefox provides some additional libraries that offer a complete SEO kit on a toolbar. The SEO kit includes rank test features (Google PR, Alexa Rank), website search-friendliness analysis, keyword analysis, competitor’s website analysis and many more SEO features.

Like Firefox, there is a similar tool for users of the Google Chrome Browser: the Site SEO Tools extension. This Chrome library gives you general information about your site’s SEO readiness in a window.

Xenu Link Sleuth

This is a lightweight application that runs on all windows versions (desktop environment only). The application is pretty easy to use and it quickly detects the broken links (related to the eyebrow-raising Error 404). By detecting broken links, this application helps you to do a better SEO job.


We know that analyzing competitor’s brand positioning is important to improve a site’s SEO positioning. SocialMention is an online service that conducts search operation in blogs, forums, social networks, and calendar pages to derive information related to your brand or the keywords that you have used during your SEO activities.

Website Grader

This is an online service that measures a website’s marketing success. Your site is given a score based on information like web traffic, the extent of SEO performed, popularity of the website in social networks, and several other technical para