Handheld Stereo Speaker


The explosion of Bluetooth devices has revived the entire wireless audio market. Bluetooth speaker has become the most popular wireless audio product at present. HONOR Mini Speaker is popular due to its small size and stereo sound quality.

HONOR Bluetooth speaker only has red color matching. Careful users found that the packaging boxes were so small. With the size of 54*55*55 Rubik’s Cube, it allows users to hold it with one hand. The weight of the whole machine is only 120 g. It is as convenient to carry as a mobile phone. The strong braided hanging rope design can make the hanging more portable.  It allows users to bring their own BGM when traveling.

HONOR Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker has a 3W full-frequency speaker at the top, with large dynamic effect. The wonderful singing spread out from here, and the sound was forceful. The independent bass diaphragm design at the bottom makes the subwoofer more vigorous. The proper high volume subwoofer is full of love for consumers.

It is tetrahedral. We mainly use the button keys of the sound box on the front. In addition to a small round button, there is also a display lamp on it. From the color and frequency of the lamp, the running state of its products can be seen. There is only one charger card on the back of the front, which can be charged without covering it. Its left and right sides are red.

In terms of function, this HONOR Mini Bluetooth speaker also supports one-touch answering of mobile phone calls. After connecting the mobile phone, if a phone comes in, users can press the function key to answer the phone. Press the function key for a long time can reject the incoming call. When talking, you can hang up by pressing the function key for a long time. Users can use the sound box to control and speak without holding a mobile phone, thus freeing users’ hands.

When the user plays music, he can also press the function key briefly to pause or continue. There is also a situation where the HONOR Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth speaker is brought to a friend’s home. When they want to try to connect and listen to sound effects. The user only needs to press the function key for more than 8 seconds. Then let the friend’s Bluetooth device find and connect.

Although this speaker is very small, it has indomitable high, middle and low sound quality. The strong lithium battery can also make it play music continuously for about 4 hours. Moreover, its battery capacity is small, and it will be full after one hour of charging. There is no problem in continuing to work after being fully charged, and there is no obstacle to listening freely.

HONOR Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth Speaker is a practical product worthy of our application in terms of price, function and appearance. It can make consumers’ good mood no longer restricted by the world, and let low-pitched songs linger around users.