How Fitbit Transforms Daily Activity Tracking


Fitbit is a portable device meant to track a person’s activity and sleep. Since it is worn on the wrist, it can also easily track how many stairs one has climbed, the distance traveled and even the number of burned calories. It is going to help one keep under control the physical activity and make better decisions according to the results.

Could one use Fitbit like a pedometer?

Staying fit is not simple for most of us, therefore using a pedometer might be a good choice. It will also track your heart rate due to a specific feature. When used on a daily basis, it has been proved by some scientific studies that this kind of activity tracking programs can have a slight positive effect on a person’s daily habits. For a person who does not intend to wear a pedometer day by day, Fitbit might be a perfect option, offering a much better understanding of your current level of physical activity.

Using Pedometer ++ with Fitbit together

While using Pedometer++ apps, you might consider using it with Fitbit, a great opportunity since most of these are compatible with most Fitbit devices. To understand if your model of pedometer++ and your Fitbit are compatible, check the features of each one online. Super easy to use, this service is going to offer really accurate data in seconds.

Could your Fitbit App track your steps without a watch?

The Fitbit App can definitely track all of your steps without you having to wear a watch. It can also be effectively used with the sensor of your phone. In this kind of situations, Fitbit App will be installed in your phone and count the steps during your daily activities. The majority of the step counter apps are available for download for free, using your phone’s built-in GPS. This is also a great chance to improve your life using Google Fit on your Android Phone, watching your daily results and doing your best to improve.

Steps to enable Fitbit Mobile Track

Staying on top of your own fitness goals is now easier when using Fitbit Mobile Track, now available for free on the Google Play and App Store. A few clicks are enough to get started, create an account and commence your journey to a healthier life. Follow the Mobile Track instructions after getting access to your Fitbit profile in the app’s menu and tapping your profile icon. It allows you to keep track of your steps, the calories you burn, the distance you pass during the day and the active minutes too.