How social media has affected social life?


The modern day age is called the age of social media. Sometimes you might hear someone saying that people are much more invested in knowing in what is happening in celebrity’s lives rather than actually wanting to know about the household problems. One of the most popular social media platforms that is been in use for quite a long time now is the Instagram. Instagram is basically a social media platform, a subsidiary of Facebook which gives you the chance to share your photographs with your followers. These photographs may have some short captions and words written that is why they are sometimes called as the insta storiee. These insta stories however is only visible to the followers of the account holder. Click here to buy Instagram followers.

How to increase Instagram followers on your account?

Now this followers have make it sort of a competition on the Instagram where people around the globe take snaps of their regular lives and psot it on Instagram in order to get more and followers. It is because of the reasons that in today’s world of social media it is generally the person with most followers who is termed as a celebrity in the first place. The people all around the world are working on their photos as of this moment to get the best quality of photographs that can be put up on the Instagram as their insta stories. This is also the reason why many people follow others to understand why their photos get them more viewers or followers in the first place.

Learn from the top Instagram accounts

There are many websites and blogs that are trying to decode the secret as to how you can get most numbers of Instagram followers in the first place. This has led to the development of a blog by photolemur where you get to see the top fifteen Instagram accounts of the year and the reasons also because of which they have such a great following in the first place. The blog is now available at In other case if you are interested in knowing more photography related techniques, technologies and methods make sure you pay a visit to the official website of photolemur. click here to know more.