How to Fix a Slow Laptop?


Slow laptops can be a real problem if you are a regular and heavy worker. You would not get the desired output and performance from the laptop. Thus, it becomes necessary to fix a slow laptop or do a laptop repair. If you are looking for a laptop repair at home, you can book an appointment. Various sites have a team of active workers, working in different parts of India. If you are looking for a laptop repair in Ghaziabad, you can find plenty of stores. But the best option is you can opt for the professional laptop repair service at home.

Ways to Fix Slow Laptop

Try closing system tray programs: If you have many programs starting up along with the windows, the laptop will start slowly. Make sure you shut the programs you do not need to open up with the windows. Open your task bar and cancel the ones you do not require to be opened. If you want the service of laptop repair at home, try typing on google –  laptop repair service near me.

Close programs that run on startup: Along with the programs running in tray, the programs that open on screen after turning on the computer can slow down the performance of the computer. You are recommended to close all the unnecessary apps in order to fasten up the working of your computer. Open the startup tab and then manage the applications running.

Update windows and other apps time-to-time: Keeping your softwares and windows up to date is the best way to keep your laptop secure and fast. Windows automatically notifies you when the latest version is available. You can update to the latest version in order to make your laptop work faster.

Delete the files you do not need: Keeping the files you do not need anymore in your laptop would only hamper its working. Make sure you delete your files from time to time in order to keep ample space in your device, as well as to keep it working fast and smoothly. After being deleted, the files move to the trash bin. Clean your trash bin to get rid of all those files completely.

Disk clean-up: Disc clean-ups are necessary for fast working of your laptop. Windows has an inbuilt program for cleaning up of junk and cache, and you don’t need to get it externally done.

Look for malware: Malwares are malicious programs that can disturb and hinder the functioning of your laptop. Install antivirus programs in your laptop to keep it safe from malware, and ensure its fast functioning. Laptop repair service can include the installation of antivirus as well.


The services at home allow you to get your laptop repaired without having to visit the repair shop or the showroom. The services are provided to you at your doorstep at affordable prices. If you are a resident of Delhi and are willing to get a laptop repair in Ghaziabad, within the comfort of your home, you can go through different sites on the internet, by searching for – Laptop repair in Ghaziabad.

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