How to make Amazon posts comes in the feed?


In a “feed” that resembles other social media platforms, Amazon Posts enables brand-registered vendors to share distinctive lifestyle photographs and product-related material with customers. Customers will be able to navigate through your feed and click through to your product detail pages without having to leave the app. As a result, the programme is intended to not only teach consumers how to use your goods, but also to encourage them to explore and learn more about your company’s history and values.

Posts enables firms to effortlessly maintain a consistent brand identity across other social media platforms – merchants may recycle material from Instagram and Facebook posts for their Amazon feed using the service. In the amazon post examples you will find the exact technique to pursue for getting things done.

Where do Amazon Posts show on the website?

Amazon decides where your Posts appear in its search results depending on relevancy and consumer involvement, among other factors. There are four possible locations for your Posts to be displayed:

Feeding the brand

In its simplest form, the brand feed is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a dedicated feed for your company, where you may publish material about your whole product range.

Carousel on the product page

Typically, a “carousel” is a series of Posts that appear on a product detail page, with customers being able to scroll horizontally through them. Carousels display on your product detail page and may include posts from your rivals as well as your own posts.

Brands that are related to you feed

When you click on a Post inside a product page carousel, you will be sent to the corresponding brand feed, where buyers can learn more about your items as well as those of other companies. In the amazon post examples you will find this ultimately.

Feeds organised by category

Individual Posts are assigned category tags by Amazon based on their content. Customers will be able to browse material for complementary goods within a certain category in this manner. Customers who are going through the “Wheel & Tire Accessories” category feed, for example, may see posts regarding tyre traction pads next to those about recreational vehicle coverings.

Instructions on how to set up and utilise Amazon Posts

As previously stated, only companies who are registered in Brand Registry and have an active Amazon shop are eligible to participate in Amazon Posts. Listed below is the process for sellers that meet these requirements to get started.

Step 1: Go to and login in with your current Amazon account credentials to get started.

Step 2: Click on the “Get Started” button.

Step 3: Decide which brand you would want to promote.

Step 4: Insert the logo of your company. This will display as a thumbnail next to your brand’s name on your Posts, similar to how a profile image on Instagram or Facebook appears on your posts. Choose “Submit and continue” after your upload has been completed successfully.

Don’t forget to post a nice photograph of your product and provide a catchy text. You should also include some ASINs for comparable goods in your product line, as this will help Amazon determine which category tags to apply to your Post. You have the option of publishing your Post right away or scheduling it for a later time.

Amazon gives the following recommendations on how to write a good post, which are listed below:

  • You should strive to excite buyers by using visually appealing and intriguing photography that depicts your product in action.
  • Prevent the use of collages or overlay text, buttons, or symbols in your photographs by keeping them basic. More packed or intricate your picture is, the more likely it is to be overlooked.
  • Make use of photographs that are of excellent quality and resolution.
  • Create a caption that tells the tale of why you believe your items are valued and distinctive. Avoid duplicating your product description or excerpts from customer reviews in your marketing materials.

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