The Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and The Automat Experience information have been made available to New Yorkers thanks to Stratis Morfogen


The first time individuals had the chance to eat in an uncomfortable environment was in May 2021, thanks to Stratis Morfogen, a company owner and restaurateur. As with many others, he attended the COVID conference and came away with new perspectives. The inspiration for the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop came from a meal at one of Morfogen’s famous Brooklyn Chop House restaurants in New York City. Using automated technologies to maximise efficiency, the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop is a 24-hour fast food outlet. In the West Village, one can find the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop.

The shop’s dumplings are everything but ordinary, despite their moniker (Brooklyn Dumpling House)

Each one is fashioned after a sample of a specific dish or cuisine from around the world. You can order a peanut butter and jelly, a bacon cheeseburger, a Philly cheesesteak, a Reuben, chicken parmesan, crispy pork, or even chicken parm if you’re craving something sweet. A few examples of these creative endeavours are shown below. Options for vegetarians and vegans, such as the Impossible Burger, have expanded in recent years. The Brooklyn Chop Bowls at this eatery are a novel and exciting meal option. These bowls may contain steamed or fried chicken, shrimp, or even a “chicken” substitute made from tofu. The bowls can be paired with a number of different sauces, including as the house-made peanut sauce, Beijing, Kung Pao, Sweet and Sour, Buffalo Ranch, and more.

Smart AutoFlow is a piece of technology that streamlines the ordering process

A computerised ordering system is available at the front counter, where customers should first begin making their orders. After you throw away your ticket, a real human, not a machine, will prepare your meal. A “automat” maintains optimal temperatures for your food and sterilises its containers (such a Panasonic-powered warm food locker using ONDO technology). You can get lunch or dinner delivered to your door if you open the vending machine and wait a few minutes. The cherry on top is being able to use your phone to make a purchase, scan a barcode to have it ready for pickup, and then go about your business.

A year ago, the corporation announced on its website that it will be constructing 19 new campuses around the United States. A recent interview with Morfogen revealed that we have sold 250 franchises and are looking towards striking a deal for 100 more units in Dubai. Our independence as founders and managers sets us apart from other franchisees. Through a central discussion board, all of our members may get in touch with one another, share their thoughts, and provide one other encouragement.

Outside of New York City, Morfogen intends to construct automated drive-throughs to improve the customer service they provide. The East Village location in New York City is the first to provide a completely automated, internationally standardised hospitality service. Even if there isn’t yet a Brooklyn Dumpling Shop in your area, you may still place an order from their extensive menu by mail. As of the year’s end, you’ll be able to find their dumplings in Walmarts across the country.