The Process Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant And What To Look For.


Deciding it’s time to hire a virtual assistant may have come easy, but now the more difficult decisions lay ahead – how to find the perfect one for your business. 

Depending on your current business structure and needs, you may already know precisely what tasks you need a VA to handle, but be prepared to have a few other things revealed that you may not have known were receiving inadequate attention. You will probably learn quite a bit about your business by hiring and working with a virtual assistant, especially when you choose the professionals from VAssistme, Virtual Assistants UK. 

We will make your life easier by managing your day to day tasks that you simply don’t have time for, all while ensuring we add value to your business at affordable prices. 

So, whether you need assistance in bookkeeping, data entry, project management or your personal schedule, we will match your needs with a VA who is skilled and experienced to exceed your expectations. 

Qualities Every Virtual Assistant Should Have.

If you’ve chosen to hire a virtual assistant, it’s likely because you need to lighten the burden in the workplace and have more time on your hands. So, you probably don’t want to spend countless days interviewing several VAs. 

Knowing precisely what you’re looking for will help you narrow your search and ultimately result in the perfect virtual assistant for your needs. So, what sort of qualities should you look for?

  • Reliability. Although many of the tasks your virtual assistant will handle are mundane, they are still essential to the wellness of your business. That being said, you don’t want to have someone who needs to be micromanaged, defeating the purpose of hiring them in the first place.
  • Attention to detail. Your assistant will likely be corresponding with clients, answering emails, taking messages and booking important appointments, so attention to detail is essential to ensure that details are not left out. 
  • Resourceful. Someone who can work out issues quickly and independently will be a great addition to your team. Resourcefulness ensures your assistant can overcome obstacles creatively and prevent them from arising again. 
  • Team player. If your in-house team and virtual assistant cannot collaborate cohesively, it could potentially hinder the efficiency of your operations and morale in the workplace. Therefore, your virtual assistant should have the ability to fit seamlessly into your existing team and offer assistance across the board.

Hiring Your Competitive Advantage.

In today’s fast-paced, competitive marketplace, the smallest changes in your business could change the dynamics between you and your competitors. 

Many small businesses are happy to delegate their day to day tasks and responsibilities to remote, self-employed individuals,  but other businesses may demand more extensive and specialised services, like that of a virtual assistant. 

Specialised VAs offer a higher level of support with their extensive training, experience and client familiarity. So, when you hire a specialised virtual assistant, they can take on a broad spectrum of duties and responsibilities that improve your lead generation, client satisfaction, brand loyalty and maximise your growth opportunities.

With the expertise of a specialised virtual assistant at your fingertips, you can be sure to gain a competitive advantage in your industry. 

Where To Hire A Virtual Assistant.

Every corner of the internet has a freelancing platform or outsourcing business offering virtual assisting services, but that doesn’t mean they are all the right fit for your business. Ultimately, you want to hire someone with a proven track record in the industry and who works for a reputable outsourcing company. 

So, instead of spending hours looking for a suitable candidate, why not trust us to provide you with the best? 

VAssistme, Virtual Assistants UK, is a renowned and trusted virtual assisting agency with a team of well-versed, trained and experienced professionals who are ready to make your life easier. All you need to do is visit our website to learn more about us or give us a call to book your free consultation. 

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