What Does A Social Media Manager Do In Marketing?


The social media manager has a fundamental role in running a marketing program; he is not just having fun with memes on the Internet, as many people think! He is responsible for creating marketing strategies for social media and generating results that increase the digital community around the brand.

  • Check out some of your daily activities:
  • define strategies and campaigns for social media;
  • plan content focused on the persona;
  • set up an editorial calendar for social networks;
  • create paid campaigns on social media;
  • track metrics and indicators;
  • present performance reports.

Depending on the size and maturity of the area in the company, the manager can work alone or have a team. With a group, these activities are distributed, and it is the manager who coordinates all the work.

Therefore, in addition to the above activities, the manager often also needs to lead the team, delegate tasks, and manage projects. In addition to the social media manager, there are other professions related to social media management, such as:

  • Social media analyst;
  • Social media;
  • Community Manager;

How Much To Charge To Manage Social Networks?

Okay, let’s say you’re not a social media manager and a question remained: after all, how much do you charge to manage social media as a freelancer?

Know that this is a common question in between. But the truth is that several factors influence, such as the professional’s experience, results in previous work, qualification, and time spent. In other words, there is no price list or magic formula to price the service. Despite this, some recommended actions can help the process.

Analyze The Market

Market research can help you define pricing. Enter agency websites. Quote with freelancers.

Also, note the quality of services provided and compare with what you have to offer. It’s no use thinking you can charge the same prices as established agencies if you’re starting, even if your job is better.

Analyze Labor Costs

Another exciting way to calculate service value is to analyze infrastructure values. This includes Internet, electricity, devices, monitoring software, managing, publishing, and editing images and videos.  In addition, some services can be outsourced. Rely on designers, copywriters, programmers, and diagrammers. Put the values ​​in a table for easy calculation.

Consider The Value Of The Hour Worked.

Finally, there is the most recommended method, which is the value per hour worked. Over time, it’s easy to calculate how long it takes you to complete each of the tasks and price them. Also, consider the services offered. In addition to regular posts in various content formats, there is also online service, hashtag monitoring, reporting, consulting, and many others.