Why Technology Is a Necessity for Business

The role of technology 20 years ago was really in its infancy phase that could be categorized by solutions that were stove-piped, custom developed, and were not enterprise wide solutions that supported mission objectives. These solutions were built on mainframes, computers were not networked together, there was no collaboration built-in software, computer hardware was expensive, […]

Is Technology Overload a Health Hazard?

In a world where 72 percent of iTunes’ top-selling education apps are designed for preschoolers and elementary school children, the (albeit limited) studies caution parents to monitor and discourage an excessive and imbalanced use of screen-based technologies both at school and at home. A recent report by the British Office for National Statistics found that […]

3D Printing Technology and Medical Science

Three Dimensional (3D) printing is one of the most innovative and advanced technologies available to mankind. This technology, which was developed in the mid-80s, was initially used only in certain manufacturing industries. However, in the last few years various companies from around the world have enhanced this technology to make it useful to the masses. […]