Know The Type of Toner Cartridges that Will Be Right for You


There is a lack of awareness among users of printers about different types of toners that are available for both copiers and printers. Often people tend to buy cheaper toner and end up getting poor-quality printing. 

Often poor-quality toners may often damage your printer too. A few cheaper toners use certain banned or hazardous materials e.g., plastic for cutting the cost. Such type of toxins can create problems for your machine and also for users. 

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The following are four different toner cartridges available for your printer and each has certain pros and cons. Let us see each of them in this post.

OEM toner cartridges

OEM cartridges are manufactured by the same company that made your printer or copier. They are made precisely for your printer, and they are both dependable and high-quality.

They are often low-failure, provide high-quality output, and are frequently guaranteed or warrantied. These cartridges are also recommended by the manufacturers.


They are made precisely for your device, so they are usually dependable, produce high-quality output, and have a low failure rate.


OEM cartridges are far more expensive than other alternatives.

New compatible cartridges

All new compatible parts are used to create new compatible cartridges. If you choose the correct manufacturer, they will provide good output quality at a far lower cost than OEMs.


Compatible cartridges are usually less expensive than any OEM cartridges and provide high-quality prints in a variety of printer manufacturers.


As there are so many different compatible cartridges present on the market, you can always end up buying an inferior product by accident if you do not do your homework. Find a reliable distributor and be careful to inquire about any product warranties.

Remanufactured cartridges

Many manufacturers receive empty cartridges, which are returned to the plant and dismantled, inspected, and if there are any worn parts, it is replaced before being refilled, tested and sold.


These cartridges might also provide good value for money. The quality is good, and many claim to have higher yield than OEM cartridges. Most of them also include a warranty or guarantee. Remanufactured cartridges are also less likely to fail and are a more environmentally friendly option.


You will need to double-check that it has really been “re-chipped.” The chip keeps track of how many print jobs you have completed and estimates how many copies are left before your cartridge has to be replaced.

Refilled Cartridges

Cartridges that have been refilled are exactly what they will sound like. They used cartridges with toner that had been renewed. There is usually no inspection and no replacement of cartridge parts.


They are quite inexpensive.


Cartridges that have been refilled are rarely a smart choice. They may usually fail on a regular basis. They can potentially leak, resulting in harm to your copier.