Transform Your Reels: Expert Advice for More Views

Social media

In the world of content creation, the only thing that changes faster than trends is the algorithm by which we measure success. If you’re a serious creator or a burgeoning influencer, instagram reels views —Instagram’s answer to the social media giant that shall not be named—are no small potatoes. They can be a make-or-break feature for your content strategy. But how do you leap from a casual scroll-by to a double-take, a like, and even a follow from viewers on that fabulously fickle social media ‘Gram? Here’s how to transform your Reels from overlooked to overbooked with these expert tips.

1. Stand Out with a Signature Style

The first among equals is originality in your Reels content. It’s about more than just being different; it’s about being distinctly you. Develop a clear and consistent tone, a unique visual style, and a familiar format for your Reels that viewers can identify before you even start dancing, lip-synching, or doing whatever it is the kids are up to these days.

Think of Eugene Lee Yang’s emotional pallet of pastels or Lizzo’s unapologetic and infectious energy. They’re memorable for more than just their one-hit wonders. A signature style doesn’t have to be a static thing, either. Feel free to evolve and experiment—but always make sure there’s that little spark of you in every Reel.

2. Quality Over Quantity

The drum that beats for both Instagram and its little sibling, Reels, is quality. No one’s going to share or reshare a video that looks like it was shot on a potato and edited with a chainsaw. Well, maybe they will, but it won’t help your Reels. Invest in decent gear and learn the basics of framing, composition, and lighting. There’s a bonus tip here: sound, too, matters. A good video with bad audio can tank engagement.

It’s not just the visual and the aural, either. What you say and the story you tell is part of a Reel’s quality, too. Speak up, speak confidently, and make sure your mantra is to entertain, inform, or both. Aim to leave the viewer feeling as if they didn’t waste their time, but instead were given a little piece of value in their daily scroll.

3. Timing is Everything, Even in Reels

No, we’re not suggesting you schedule your Reels to go live exactly at midnight under a full moon. We’re talking about the pacing of your Reel. Have you ever watched a video that felt like it droned on forever, or one that felt so fast you couldn’t follow what was going on? Neither are good for engagement. Find a comfortable cadence for your Reels that suits both the point you’re making and the attention span of your viewer.

This point extends to how often you post your Reels. There’s a balance to be found that reflects regular activity on your account without spamming your followers. For some, that might be once every day or two; for others, weekly Reels might do the trick. Your audience and the time you need to craft a quality Reel are the ultimate decision-makers here.

4. Hook ’em from the Start

Just like a great novel, your Reels should start with a hook—something to grab that attention and not let it go. This could be a particularly striking image, a witty line, or just a really energetic start to a dance sequence. Whatever it is, it should tease what’s to come and make your viewers want to stay until the very last flick of your content’s digital reel.

Consider this hook like a thesis statement for an essay: at the beginning, you promise something, and the rest of the Reel (the essay, if you will) delivers and reinforces that promise. And don’t think you can just throw in the towel at the end. Reels are all about that viewer engagement, so make sure your ending is as strong as your hook, encouraging likes, follows, or comments.